Attract All the Birds for Under $20

Flying Start Feeder - Buy 3 Stackables for $19.97 and Get a FREE Feeder ($8.99 Value)

It doesn’t take a lot of effort... or a lot of money to get started feeding the birds. With our Flying Start™ Combo, you get everything you need. It’s quick, easy to hang and includes the foods all the birds in your backyard will love.

  • Great for First Time Bird Feeders
  • Great Addition to Your Existing Setup

Long-lasting and easy to use, our Seed and No-Melt Suet Stackables™ allow you to offer more than one food at a time and cater to the preferences of the birds visiting your yard. With several unique flavors of Seed and No-Melt Suet Stackables™ to mix and match, you can have fun creating various combinations that will attract different birds to your backyard.

Our Flying Start® Combo is the perfect way to attract birds to your yard. This is a great feeder and food combo that will help you discover what birds are in your backyard. With different foods for different birds, you'll see what birds are attracted to each food and which food is eaten faster or slower.

 Watch our video on the Flying Start Combo!