Job Description: Sales Associate


The position of Sales Associate reports to the store manager and/or owner. The primary responsibility of a Sales Associate is to provide a high energy customer experience.

Customer Experience

  1. Understands that the high energy customer experience is the #1 priority.
  2. Completes each OWL module as part of the High Energy Training in order to deliver the WBU high energy customer experience as the trusted local expert.

  3. Uses successful selling skills to satisfy the customer and complete the sale.

  4. Reads, understands and follows the Employee Handbook, including the WBU Ten Touch Points training.

  5. Follows the best practices of the Person in Charge of the Customer experience.

  6. Wears the logo name badge and logo apparel while working on the sales floor.


  1. Reads and understands the Product Information Handbook and successfully completes the Certified Birdfeeding Specialist Program.

  2. Understands and communicates the store’s merchandise and target products to the customer.

  3. Completes the changing of displays, signing and the restocking of merchandise as directed by management.

    Personnel Management

  4. Demonstrates a positive, enthusiastic and professional demeanor.

  5. Attends store meetings as required.

  6. Completes any other duties as assigned.

Administrative Control

  1. Adheres to all store policies and procedures regarding the ringing of all transactions, any administrative duties and scheduling.

  2. Completes accurate and legible paperwork.

    Loss Prevention

  3. Adheres to all store policies and procedures regarding personal and store security.

  4. Communicates security concerns to management.

Store Maintenance

  1. Maintains good housekeeping standards to help present a clean and well-presented store.

  2. Helps keep store and backroom clean & organized.