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Take a Little Time to Help the Birds This Season

With cooler temperatures and fewer hours of daylight, everyone must change their routines during winter, including the birds. It's a fun time to watch for birds fluffing up their feathers or drawing one leg to their chest for warmth.

The way you set up your bird feeding stations this time of year should change, too. Being "seasonally-savvy" means taking into consideration what birds need to survive. Here are a few ways you can make a difference for the birds:

  1. During winter, it's especially important for birds to find a reliable source of high-calorie, high-fat foods for extra energy. Keep your feeders filled with a WBU seed blend high in oil sunflower or foods like our exclusive suets, Winter SuperBlend®Jim's Birdacious®️ Bark Butter®️ or peanuts.
  2. Locate feeders so they're out of the wind. The east or southeast side of a house or near a row of trees is ideal.
  3. Position feeders near cover, but in the open, to allow birds to watch for danger.
  4. Provide a roosting box or natural plant covers to aid birds seeking protection from cold weather.
  5. Provide an open source of water. Consider the use of a heated bird bath or bird bath deicer to give birds the water they need.

Take a little time to help the birds this season. Then cozy up while you watch their winter antics!


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