We Are an Official Tackle Drop-off Location

It's Time to Clean Up Your Tackle Box

And Get the Lead Out!

We are proud to support the 'Lead Fishing Tackle Buy Back & Exchange' initiative coordinated by the Wolfe Lake Association

Did You Know?

  • Many of our fishing tackle contains lead, a neuro-toxin that is fatal to loons & other aquatic birds. 
  • It only takes one small piece of lead to kill an adult loon!
  • Bald eagles are poisoned when they eat dead or dying fish with broken line and lead tackle attached.
  • In addition to aquatic birds, lead endangers mammals, amphibians, reptiles & songbirds too.
  • Lead poisoning is a preventable tragedy - and together, we can make positive change!



Wild Birds Unlimited Kanata & Ottawa are proud to be participating drop-off locations for lead tackle. 

Lead is dull and grey in colour. It will leave a mark when scratched on paper. Lead is a dense soft metal. If you can dent it with your fingernail or pliers, it is lead.

  1. Go through your tackle box and remove all lead fishing tackle.
  2. Bring it in to either of our two store locations.
    • 420 Hazeldean Road, Kanata
    • 1500 Bank Street, Ottawa
  3. Receive a $10 voucher* to be used on a purchase of lead-free tackle products at participating retailer locations.* Terms and conditions apply.


It only takes one small piece of lead to kill an adult loon.

Common Loon - Margie Manthey


For More Information About the 'Let’s Get the Lead Out Initiative' Please Visit the Wolfe Lake Association Website by Clicking Here.