Warbler in Bird Bath

Looking to attract more birds to your yard? Try adding water!

Year round, birds are looking for dependable water sources for drinking and bathing. And adding water to your backyard not only makes it more attractive to feeder birds, but it might attract some new species not commonly seen at feeders - especially during migration! 


Eastern Bluebirds in Concrete Bird BathBird Baths

Bird Baths are a great way to provide water for birds and animals, and to make your yard look beautiful. They come in many shapes, sizes and materials, and they can be placed on the ground, in a stand, mounted to a deck or pole system, or hung.

1. Concrete baths are often the centerpieces of well-manicured landscapes. They come in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit every taste.

2. Glass and metal baths can range from simple to very decorative. They're easier to move and clean than most concrete baths, and the birds will love them!

3. Plastic baths are light, versatile and able to be easily moved about your yard. They can be placed on a stand, attached to your Wild Birds Unlimited Advanced Pole System, or even mounted to a deck or wall!

Birds prefer to bathe and drink in different depths of water. Use a bath with a sloped edge or add rocks to give different water depths, making your bath more attractive to a variety of bird and insect species.

Place your bath 10 to 12 feet from shrubs so predators can’t surprise the birds. Shrubs also offer birds a place to preen their feathers and dry off.


Wild Birds Unlimited Water WigglerDid you know? Birds are naturally attracted to moving water!

You will attract more birds with moving water. Use the Water Wiggler™ to create motion in your bird bath and to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water.

Regular cleaning will help reduce algae and is good for your birds’ health. Scrub your bath regularly with our EcoTough® Scrubber Brush, rinse well, and replace with fresh water.



Help the birds by providing water, and enjoy the added activity in your yard today!

Hummingbirds with mister