Bring Home a Seed Character

Seed CharactersSeasonally available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited, we offer several fun Seed Characters, including Hoot the Owl, Rascal the Raccoon, Preston the Penguin and Buttons the Snowman, and Olive, the Owl (not shown). Each is a mix of seeds, nuts and fruit and a wonderful and whimsical addition to any yard. Price range is $9.99 to $22.99, also available on our online store.

Each character makes a great guest helping you attract many of your favourite birds, including chickadees, woodpeckers and goldfinches. They hang around for a while so you don’t have to venture into the wintry weather too often to replace them. And they are fairly tidy to boot.

The variety of ingredients in our exclusive characters makes them a perfect addition to any yard as well as great gifts. And bonus, the feeder that works well with the seed characters can be used all year long with our seed cylinders. Seed cylinders are the easiest, longest-lasting way to feed your birds.

Packed with nutritious ingredients, seed cylinders will entice a variety of birds. We even have a No-Mess Seed Cylinder - a tidy dining option that your birds will enjoy. No shells means no mess and no wasted food, making this seed cylinder a great value.

Visit the store or shop online to bring home one of our adorable seed characters and a cylinder or two!