How to Make Your Windows Bird Friendly


Birds unfortunately see windows like we do! But birds are not able to discern that they are looking at a window and not wide open space, making them prone to fly into the window.

Follow the link to read a very informative article from The Cornell Lab and The Nature Conservancy about the numerous solutions to this issue. And do the Window Quiz to help you figure out which type of window treatment is best for you. It is possible to keep your beautiful window views and still protect birds from hitting them. Learn more at Improving Windows to Protect Birds

Removable but durable products that stop birds from hitting windows are available at the store (in-store only). One such product is Feather Friendly®.

Feather Friendly® is not a film but a marker that is placed on the outside surface of a window to reduce the surface reflection and alert birds to avoid collision. Fabricated from only the highest quality 3M product, this product carries all the durability and performance assurances from 3M. Feather Friendly® is recognized, approved and endorsed by leading bird conservation organizations.

If you want to report a bird strike or have an injured bird, follow this link for Safe Wings Ottawa  or call them at 613-216-8999.