Better Bird Food = Better Value

Wild Birds Unlimited is dedicated to offering fresh, top-quality bird seed - the best in the market.

We believe your birds shouldn’t have to search through the fillers contained in most discount seed blends to find the food that they actually want. More importantly, we believe you shouldn’t have to pay for the fillers.

Our no-waste seed blends are made from 100% edible seed and have been selected to meet the regional and seasonal needs of the birds in our area. That means you only pay for fresh seed that will attract the kind of birds you want to see in your backyard.

So stop by the store for the best prices on the best bird food in town. And follow the links to check out the many ways you can give the birds in your backyard a reliable source of nutritious food that will keep them coming back!

Nyjer for Finicky Finches!     No-Mess Seed Blend       Bird Suet 


  New Foods for Your Backyard Menu        Seed and Suet Cylinders


    Better Seed and Birds = Better Value         Flying Start Combo        



     Jim's Birdacious Bark Butter Products        Seasonally Available Nesting Blend

                 Nesting Seed Blend